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The Health Promotion Resource Centre will be closed from 5.00pm on Friday 20 December 2019 until 9.00am on Monday 6 January 2020. Any leaflet orders received before 12 noon on Wednesday 18 December will be processed and sent out. New registrations after 20 December will not be activated until 6 January. We wish all our users a relaxing festive break.



Featured Resources


Alcohol and you: know the facts, count the units

Leaflet with information about counting the units, knowing the facts, avoiding the risks and binge drinking. Revised in 2016 to reflect the new alcohol guidelines stating that men and women are advised not to regularly drink more than 14 units a week.

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Rethink your drink (scratch card)

Scratch the answers and total your score. Then turn over to find out your "alcohol rating". Includes information about the number of units in specific drinks.

More about L7035


Drinks calculator

* Revised 2017 version reflecting new alcohol guidelines.

Drinks calculator showing the number of units in servings of different types of alcoholic drinks.

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Daily drinks diary: your guide and record to success

* Revised 2017 version reflecting new alcohol guidelines.

Drinking too much alcohol can affect your health, your job, your family, your relationships and your community. This diary runs over six weeks so you will be able to see if your drinking follows any patterns and break these habits. The new drinking guidelines are included along with three real life stories and a list of organisations that can help.

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Making a change: helping you make positive choices about the amount you drink

* Revised July 2018 version.

A booklet offering practical advice to help you consider your drinking habits. It contains information about "what is a unit" and associated calories and describes the benefits of change.

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What's New

Welcome to our online ordering system

This online ordering system is for those living or working in the NHS Lothian area. The system is quick and easy to use. To get started just click on the Login/Register button at the top right of this page and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have registered and been given your username, you will be able to order leaflets (up to a maximum of 20) and posters (maximum of 1). Please note that your password is the one that you entered on the registration form. We also carry a wide range of lending resources such as models, teaching kits, DVDs and pull-up banners.

Domestic Abuse posters/cards

The revised November 2019 versions of the Domestic Abuse posters and insert cards are now available to order. The poster and the cards need to be ordered separately on HPAC.

Asthma Plans

Both the revised December 2018 Child Asthma Action Plan and the revised August 2019 Adult Asthma version are now available.

Play@Home Pre-School

Copies should be obtained in the main via nurseries or libraries but we now have a supply available to order via HPAC.

The Knowledge Network

A website tailored to the information needs of NHS Health Scotland staff, offering access to high quality information and knowledge resources. It includes fulltext electronic journals and electronic books. An Athens username and password can be obtained by registering here

Alternative Languages

Contact the Resource Centre for information about the different languages available for specific leaflet titles.




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