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World Hepatitis Day (28 July 2019)

Worldwide 300 million people are living with viral hepatitis unaware. On World Hepatitis Day people are encouraged to raise awareness to find the missing "millions".

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Featured Resources


Testing for blood borne viruses

A5 folded leaflet with information about the three main blood borne viruses - HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. It describes how the viruses affect people and the different types of BBV tests.

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Blood borne viruses: how do people get hepatitis C, hepatitis B or HIV? (BBV card)

A card providing information on how blood borne viruses are spread, testing and how you can protect yourself and others.

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Death of a Liver easel display

Emphasising alcohol's role in liver disease, this easel display features cross-sectional, 3-D, handpainted models that represent a normal liver, a liver with hepatitis and a cirrhotic liver. Comes with protective felt cover.

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Pickled liver model

This plastic specimen jar contains a BIOLIKE 2 model of a cirrhotic liver floating beside a pickle. Irreverant humour makes the serious point that alcohol abuse can lead to cirrhosis, a leading cause of death.

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What's New

Welcome to our online ordering system

This online ordering system is for those living or working in the NHS Lothian area. The system is quick and easy to use. To get started just click on the Login/Register button at the top right of this page and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have registered and been given your username, you will be able to order leaflets (up to a maximum of 20) and posters (maximum of 1). Please note that your password is the one that you entered on the registration form. We also carry a wide range of lending resources such as models, teaching kits, DVDs and pull-up banners.

Ready Steady Baby

The new edition was launched on 14 March. It supports people through their whole pregnancy and the first eight weeks post-pregnancy. Copies can now be ordered via HPAC.

Asthma Plans

The revised December 2018 Child Asthma Action Plan has now been produced. The Adult Asthma version is due in August 2019.

Play@Home Pre-School

Copies should be obtained in the main via nurseries or libraries but we now have a supply available to order via HPAC.

The Knowledge Network

A website tailored to the information needs of NHS Health Scotland staff, offering access to high quality information and knowledge resources. It includes fulltext electronic journals and electronic books. An Athens username and password can be obtained by registering here

Alternative Languages

Contact the Resource Centre for information about the different languages available for specific leaflet titles.